The Success of Florida Investor Samuel Oshana

It is simply a fact that Samuel Oshana has been relatively successful in a number of very important business sectors in both New York and Florida over the years. That said, these successes did not come with out early failure. He has demonstrated an excellent ability to start up a new company, give it as much time as it needs and then  develop it into a successful venture. One prominent example came when he co-founded merchant payment processor Apex Data Systems, ran the company to some success, simply because he was able to trust a very talented partner. He later sold the company for what turned out to be a return on investment.

Throughout his career, Samuel Oshana has worked at a few brokerages around the country, including JP Morgan and Heartland Securities. Recently, Sam added a Florida real estate brokerage license o his bag of tricks. That little tool has provided him with the ability to increase his reach with investments in Florida commercial and residential real estate, primarily in Dade and Broward Counties. He does very well buying abandoned properties in “up-and-coming” neighborhoods, then fixing them up and selling them for an excellent profit. Although Sam Oshana was born in Boston and had a lot of success in New York, there are many reasons he calls Miami home.

The Samuel Oshana Story

Though Samuel Oshana was born in Boston, he had his first success as an equity trader in New York City. That said, he now calls Miami Beach home and he is developing a strong reputation down there these days. Over the past few years, since Sam Oshana has added a Florida real estate brokerage license to his portfolio, to go with his investment broker’s licenses, he has been able to increase his level of investment, including major moves in Florida commercial and residential real estate, especially in Broward and Dade Counties.

Samuel Oshana also has engaged in ever more aggressive investment in other areas. For example, Sam also makes loans to individuals and small companies, using their real estate as collateral. That move has been quite lucrative. All of this actually follows a career pattern. He has been very successful in many business areas and the secret to his success lies in his innate ability to start up new companies and nurture them to great success or to get them to the point that they make a very lucrative target for buyers. Many of his early failures have guided him to better ventures and partners.

Investments of Samuel Oshana

Over his long career, Samuel Oshana has shown himself to be an accomplished and successful businessman and investment professional, making a great many  investments in a great many business areas in both New York and Florida. He has worked with many brokerages in the country, like Heartland Securities and JP Morgan, where he used his Series 7 and Series 63 licenses to trade all types of securities. At one point, he also obtained a Series 55 license, which allowed him the opportunity to engage in equity trading, as well.

Throughout his career as a trader, Samuel Oshana learned about the value of the right types of investment, as well as how best to maximize investment returns. Most of his considerable business success has come from Samuel’s unique ability to guide money into the right investments. Quite often, that has led to starting up new companies and nurturing them to success. For example, he played a key part in the startup of Apex Data Systems, a merchant payment processing company that he helped found while working with First Data Corporation. He later sold Apex Data Systems for a healthy return on a significant investment.

These days, Samuel Oshana loans capital to individuals and small companies, using their real estate as collateral. He recently obtained a Florida real estate brokerage licens because that allows him to expand the scope of his investment portfolio to include substantial Florida residential and commercial real estate interests. Most recently, Sam has been concentrating on building his inventory distressed properties in Dade and Broward Counties, which he restores and then re-sells for a remarkable return.

Samuel Oshana Bio

As a investor, Samuel Oshana has had significant experience in several business areas, primarily equities and real estate investment. His career has been focused in two states, New York and Florida. A lot of his experience has come from his ability to invest capital with the right partners, trust their knowledge and let them use their experience to make decisions. For example, he was involved in the startup of AP Systems, which is a merchant payment processing company that he was part of while he was working with First Data Corporation. He later was part of the sale of AP for a return on his initial investment and extensive knowledge in the space .

In the past, Samuel Oshana has worked with a few brokerage companies around the country, including the venerable JP Morgan, as well as Datec Online and Heartland Securities, where he held certifications in series 7, 55 and 63. Throughout that time, he learned quite a bit about the value of investment and how to manage risk. To this day, Sam Oshana invests with groups around the country, loaning capital to a number of different entities, while using their real estate and other assets as collateral.

Over the last few years, Samuel Oshana obtained a Florida real estate brokerage license, which has allowed him to be involved in many more transactions. The license has allowed him to expand his range of investments into more commercial and residential real estate in Florida. He has purchased multiple properties in Florida’s Dade and Broward Counties, and he has purchased many at a great price in “up-and-coming” neighborhoods, then restored them and sold them for a return. Sam has learned a lot from early failures, he stresses the importance of picking yourself up and never quitting.

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